I samband med Irena Forslinds besök hos oss i januari 2017 fick alla elever i EK16, SA16 och TE16 skriva några reflektioner på engelsklektionen efter att ha lyssnat på hennes gripande föreläsning om sitt livsöde. På elevernas anslagstavla sitter nu ett axplock av dessa att beskåda. Här på sidan kan du ta del av dem digitalt:

”You stirred a lot of feelings and emotions that morning. The way that you talked and asked us questions made me realize the way that I take the things around me for granted. Several people, such as I, don’t realize the luck that we have since we are living in a country like Sweden. Other people do not have the privilege of waking up every morning in a warm bed. Several people today die on their way over the Mediterranean sea. People risk their lives every day to survive, while we think that school is a hard life!”

”The human being is truly the most evil and beastly creature on this planet. The human has such an imagination when it comes to being evil and such a poor mind when it comes to doing good things.”

”Your lecture was the best lecture I’ve been to, so thank you Irena.”

”I think more people need to listen to you because people should be satisfied with what they already have and don’t be so ungrateful. I think we should be thankful for the friends and families we have around us.”

”I think it’s very important to talk about World War II, because I believe it’s one of the ways to prevent something like this from happening again. We need to show other people respect and treat them well even if they are not from the same country – or have the same religion – to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again!”

”First of all I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for choosing to live, instead of ending your life that dark day in Ravensbrück. Thank you for being strong enough and brave enough to share your story. And thank you for inspiring me to be more forgiving and appreciative!”

”I envy you for being so forgiving and loving, even though you have no need to be. I look at my own life and at all the times I haven’t been forgiving about things that is just nothing comparing to the things you’ve been forgiving about. And I think about what you said, about how you can be happy or move on with your life if you live with the hate or the rage inside of you. Then I realize I need to be a lot more like you.
Your story is better than what you can read in a history book. Because you are one of the people who survived this tragedy. You are like a living history book and it is really interesting to listen at your story live. Your story is really unique. I think it is really important that you have told us this story, so that we can learn from history!”

”To prevent things like this from happening, we need to learn from history and from our mistakes. To learn from history, people need to be educated and informed about situations like this, so it never happens again”

”I think all countries that are a rich and stable must help each other to take care of all the people. No country can handle this on their own, rich countries need to help each other and take their responsibility!”

”To create a society that can prevent a similar situation from happening, we need to join together with all the other countries, as well as cooperations like the EU or NATO.”

”It is amazing how you are able to tell this story without expressing bitterness. Instead you are spreading a message of love and care, which is very important in our days when the world is growing more turbulent again.”

”I have become more grateful for my life after hearing your lecture, the fact that I have access to food, to my family, an education, a home and my friends and much more […]I have the biggest respect for you who has managed to go through all the terrible thing that you experienced.”

”One of the hardest things for me to hear about was when you had to watch your own mother get raped by the Nazi-soldiers. A situation like that must have left such deep scars and I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you to see what happened, but not being able to do anything about it. Hearing about how they later on did experiments on the child was also very hard for me. I recently got a nephew and only picturing anyone doing such horrible things to him hurts me. Having lived a life like yours must have been hard and I don’t think that I would have made it.”

”Your kindness amazes me and how you could ever forgive someone after been put through all of that is beyond me. Thank you for sharing your story and showing us why kindness is so important.”

”You are a true hero!”

”You are a beautiful soul!”

”People like you is what the world needs!”

”Coming to a concentration camp at the age of eleven is a life that I can’t even envision.”

”One of the things that you talked about who affected me most was the part when you talked about the food. How you nearly did not have any food at all and you were still expected to do hard work all day with almost nothing in your stomach. Another thing that affected me really much was when you talked about the woman guard who almost beat you to death, you still forgave her. It takes a lot of power to do such a thing and it makes me get a little bit more hope for humanity.”