Utbytesstudent från Tyskland

14 september, 2016

Några av er har kanske noterat ett nytt läraransikte här på Bildningscentrum? Det är Johanna, utbytesstudent från Tyskland, som är här som en del av sin lärarutbildning. Hon skickar här en presentation av sig själv och vad hon gör här hos oss. Välkommen, Johanna!


Hi, my name is Johanna and I’m from Germany. You might have seen me during the last week and wonder what I’m doing at your school?

This fall I’m studying at the Linköping University to become a teacher. My subjects are Mathematics, Politics and German. My home university is located in Marburg, a small city right in the middle of Germany, one hour north of Frankfurt.  Part of my studies is called ‘teaching practice‘, which I’m doing in Åtvidaberg. During my teaching practice I’ll gain new experiences about the school system in Sweden and how Swedish students are educated. Therefore I’m going to participate in some lessons and also teach a few lessons myself, so we might meet in some classes!

I’m looking forward to the time at your school in Åtvidaberg!  

Best regards